A graduate of the Metropolitan State University of Denver, John McKowen is an experienced businessman and entrepreneur currently serving as the CEO of VetaNova. John McKowen is experienced in venture capital investments.

Venture capital investments are made to support startups and small companies that have high growth potential in the…

With a career that has seen him start and grow a number of businesses, John McKowen is a venture capitalist based in Colorado. He has almost two decades of experience in providing funding to startups and seeing them through the financing process. …

A venture capitalist based in Denver, John McKowen draws on over two decades of experience. John McKowen provided venture capital to the Internet startup Navidec, which went on to become a billion-dollar listing on the NASDAQ National Market.

It is through venture capital investments that many startups and small businesses…

John Mckowen

John McKowen brings a track record of funding successful companies as CEO of VetaNova, Inc. in Denver.

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